EK 525 MVXZ Gold X-Ring Chain

EK Chains

$140.00 USD 


The MVXZ Quadra-X Ring chain is the ideal replacement for any street bike up to 1000cc.
It features lightening holes in the sideplates, large diameter pins, and friction-reducing Quadra-X Rings
that ensure high performance, and 1 1/2 to 2 times the increased wear life compared to a standard O-Ring chain.

EK's Quadra-X Ring design results in an innovative sealing technology that reduces friction and increases chain life.

Check out MVXZ color options. Available colors are: Gold, Black, Chrome, Red, Yellow, Orange,
Blue, Purple, Green, and Hot Pink.


525 MVXZ Gold

Pitch- 5/8in. or 15.875mm
Width- 5/16in. or 7.94mm
Roller Dia.- 10.20mm

Pin Size-
Dia.- 5.38mm
Length- 23.00mm

Plate Thickness-
Inner- 2.20mm
Outer- 2.20mm

Tensile Strength- 9,300lbs. or 41.3kN
Wear Life Index- (Std. as 100)- 1,500
True Weight- (100 Links)- 4.21lbs. or 1.91kg