Layaway Payment Program





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Layaway requires a minimum purchase price of $100.00. Please note all "made to order" items are still subject to the wait times and shipping times associated with made to order parts per the terms and conditions stated on the Tactical Mindz Stunt Shop website. Made to order part manufacturing times do not start until the final payment has been received.



Complete your order and begin checkout. 

Layaway requires the first payment to be 25% of the total purchase price, shipping costs and a 3% non-refundable one-time layaway fee.  



Enter “Layaway” in the coupon code box during checkout. 

Layaway purchases CANNOT be combined with any other codes or discounts.



Layaway payment terms. 

After the first payment you have 3 months to fulfill your purchase and complete the Layaway Agreement. Your “due date” is 30 days from the day of the initial purchase. For example: If your first payment was the 15th day of the month, then the “due date” going forward will be the 15th of each consecutive month. 

Additional payments can be made at any time as long as 25% of the initial purchase price is received each month on or before the due date. For example: If your purchase was $200.00 before any shipping, taxes or fees. The minimum payment due each month is $50.00.

Please note payments less than the required 25% or payments made after the “due date” are subject to cancellation. Cancelled orders or failure to complete the Layaway Agreement in full will be charged a 10% cancellation fee of the original purchase price before any shipping, taxes or fees.   Any payments received over the 10% cancellation fee will be refunded excluding the one-time layaway fee.    



Checkout and complete the initial payment.

25% of the total purchase price, plus shipping and a 3% non-refundable one-time layaway fee. 



Make payments.

All Layaway payments must be made with the same Tactical Mindz Stunt Shop account that was used to start the layaway agreement. Payments can be made by using the "make a payment" option at the bottom of this page.



Final Payment.

You must make the final payment by calling our customer service line to confirm the amount of the final payment and to close the Layaway Agreement so we can begin processing your order.



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