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Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. Most orders take 3-7 business days to be delivered to you. If you ordered a custom made to order part, it can take up to 4-8 weeks to be manufactured and shipped out. They normally do not take that long and does vary depending on the season and manufacturer. 

International orders can take 8-10 weeks but rarely do. All other pre-manufactured parts normally take 5-10 business days to get to you. On some occasions parts do go on back order and take some extra time.

Custom made to order parts include: Crash cages, Subcages, Handbrake brackets, Triple clamps, Stunt Clip-Ons, Stunt Rearsets, Scrape bars, Subframes, Frames, and other various parts manufactured by stunt companies

Q. Will I receive my parts all at once? A. On some occasions it is faster to drop ship (ship directly to you from the manufacturer) the parts to you, instead of wait for them to get to us and then ship them to you. We have a high turn over rate on parts, we can't keep everything in stock at all times with such high demand. So for convenience, we do drop ship parts to you when needed. We are a stunt shop, not a huge warehouse full of parts.


Q. Do you provide tracking numbers?

A. We do provide tracking as soon as we receive it. In some cases we do not receive tracking at all from the distributor. In other cases the distributor will send us tracking after the product has already been delivered. We try our best to get you tracking as soon as possible.
Q. Can I get a status update on made to order parts? A. Made to order parts can take up to 6 or more weeks to be manufactured. They normally do not take the full time. We do not provide status updates on made to order parts. Doing so just slows up the process.


Q. Can I get some stickers?


A. Yes you can! Go back through, add Tacticalmindz.com die cut stickers to your cart and use the code "hookitup" and we'll send them to you free of charge.


Q. My order says "fulfilled". Has it been shipped?

A. Our system does not allow for us to mark orders as "processing". Once the order is placed it will say "fulfilled", which means it is processing. It does not mean it has been shipped or has not shipped.


Q. Can I cancel my order

A. All sales are final. In some cases we do allow for order cancellations. All order cancellations are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. Made to order parts can not be canceled after 48 hours of placing the order. YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR REFUND IN THE FORM OF STORE CREDIT.


We cannot recommend or condone the use of any parts we sell for use in any illegal riding or behavior. Any stunts referenced are performed by professionals on closed courses under supervision of safety personnel and should not be attempted or recreated by you under any other conditions but the same. And in doing so you solely assume all responsibility for damage or destruction to yourself, your property, or the property of others. By purchasing any parts from us you agree to these terms and statements.

In the case of an item being wrong or defective and must be returned, we will cover the cost of return shipping. The item must be shipped USPS or a service comparable in price. We will not cover shipping costs over the lowest possible cost of shipping. For example if you return it UPS and USPS was half the cost, we will only cover the USPS price.

All sales are final.




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