Woodcraft Rearset Kit Black Eccentric Adjustable Rearset: Kawasaki


$229.99 USD 


The basic rearset kit consists of the rearset plates, footpegs and all of the needed hardware (shift rods, etc) to install the kit properly. These kits assume that you currently have the OEM rearsets on your bike, and utilize the OEM shift and brake pedals. They are made from tough, aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum. They are much stronger than OEM brackets and will give your bike a look that will separate you from the crowd. Each kit is individually designed for your model of motorcycle to give you the optimum foot position and ground clearance for racing. Kits are upgradeable at any time to accept the 3 piece billet shift and brake pedals.

Moves pegs up 1" and back 2" with +/- 1/4'' of adjustability on the footpeg

Note: This rearset can be used in either standard or GP shift.

NOTE:KITS UPGRADED TO ADJUSTABLE BRACKETS & FOOTPEGS - Please call if your kit was from original design for assistance when replacing rearset brackets and/or footpegs. ABS models require our longer rear brake line



ABS MODELS ONLY: A longer brake line is required to complete the installation of this kit. For your conveinience Woodcraft worked with Galfer to make a specific brake line kit for our rearsets. The brake line kit comes complete with hardware and installation instructions.

ALL MODELS: A brake light pressure switch is required for street use.

Necessary to trim/bend or remove exhaust cover on the OEM exhaust to avoid contact