Woodcraft Rear Swingarm Stand


$117.00 USD 


Work Clearance:Mechanics appreciate both the easy lift effort and ample working clearance behind the stand - workseat clearance is excellent behind the rear wheel!!

Super Tacky Stand Pads:Our pivots have SUPER TACKY rubber pads that prevent slippage.

XL Wheels:Woodcraft's trademark extra large quad 4" wheels are extremely stable and facillitate both lifting the bike on rough surfaces and rolling the bike around the shop!!

Powdercoat Finish:Woodcraft stands have one of the toughest, most expensive powder coat finishes available today.

Large Diameter, Smooth Operating Pivots: 1" diameter solid steel lift pivots that roll smoothly and won't bend or break like other stands. The inner portion of the stand is teflon lined to keep operation smooth.

Fast, Easy, Width, Adjustment: With a pair of pliers, the width of the Woodcraft RS102 can be adjusted in seconds!!