Woodcraft GSXR1000 2009+ RHS Clutch Cover Protector Assembly Black: Suzuki


$109.99 USD 

Woodcraft 2-piece engine covers are designed to keep your bike oil tight in the event of a crash as well as to give your bike a custom look that will make you stand out in the crowd. All of our covers are 100% CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum billet to give you both great look s and exceptional strength.

We've added an adhered rubber pad to the inside to provide a cushion between the protector and the stock cover.

The patented replaceable stainless steel or aluminum skid plate adds wear resistance in the most vulnerable area and can keep your cover both functional and looking good through multiple crashes. The plate is internally bolted so that you do not have to worry about trying to remove bolts with the heads ground off.


Note: This is an engine cover protector. It bolts over the top of the large clutch cover and protects it in its most vulnerable area.