Webig X Muf Mufflers Factory Long Sleeve Tee

WeBig Inc

$38.00 USD 

Put yer fuckin' Race Face on and git sum podium time in this frothy Muf Mufflers Factory Race Jersey. Flaunt yer fuckin' sponsors with X-treme graphical wizardry. This fine garment is 100% cotton long sleeve tee with disgustingly EPIC Webig graphics printed all over the place. Our totally un-patented "Soft-As-Shit" long sleeve tee will make you faster, and more agile as you single-handedly dominate the universe. If this shit don't take you back in time to the days when the green team ruled the globe.....ain't nothin' will. • Premium quality soft-as-shit long sleeve tee • Webig x Muf Mufflers graphics printed on front & sleeves • Comes equipped with a shit ton o' stickers • 100% combed ring-spun cotton • Makes a trick Moto Jersey