Webig Over the Top Flat Tracker Hat

WeBig Inc

$26.00 USD 


We've teamed with with the boys over at Anvil Motociclette on this badass product collaboration for the first EVER Italian amateur Flat Track Championship....Over The Top. Over the Top Flat Track Championship consists of 4 races beginning in April and ending in October of 2018. These limited edition tees and hats will be sold ONLY by us, and by Over The Top at each of the races in Italy. Head on over to othetop.com and anvilmotociclette.com to get the scoop on all the great shit that's happening! Fuck yeah, and Cazzo, sì.

• Pit Fit flat bill trucker hat

• Over The Top Championship logo printed on front foam panel

• Comes equipped with a shit tons of Webig Stickers

• One size fits most y’all

• Plenty of cazzo, è fantastico