Webig Banquet Race Team Hat

WeBig Inc

$26.00 USD 


Oh hell yes we did it again. We made the impossible a reality. We didn't just make a damn hat here....we produced a blue unicorn moon

This is a tall "Curved Bill" Trucker Hat...with a big ass burly embroidered patch. This hat is EXACTLY like the old school Supercross Lids. We took one of the most iconic vintage Moto hats of all time & knocked it up with some modern day Fuckery! This hat is so psycho fast it will fire your dome through the supercross like a fucking comet.

• Snap Back curved bill trucker hat

• Banquet Race Team Embroidered Patch is sewn on the front foam panel

• One size fits most y’all

• Plenty of Hell Yeah

• Comes with some sexy stickers

walking down a fucking rainbow. We're bringing back the good ol' days one magic Camel hat at a time! Wear this hat at any Supercross around the world and prepare to be the envy of the masses. You are the king of all that is moto and this is your crown.

• Pit Fit flat bill trucker hat / Camo hat is a curved bill trucker hat

• Features a heavyweight Camel embroidered twill patch. This ain't grannies patch!

• Comes equipped with sum Webig stickers and a magic unicorn ride

• One size fits most y’all