TBparts CRF50 Rim Set, Chrome – Z50R 80-99 Models

Tb Parts

$79.99 USD 

TB Rim Set, Chrome – Z50R 80-99 Models

Z50R 80-99 Reproduction Rim Set – Chrome.  They are nearly identical to the OEM Honda rim set specifications and will fit perfectly and look fantastic on your Z50R.   Often the original rims are rusted together on the inside and/or have rust and worn out paint on the outside due to age.  These rim sets are an easy and affordable solution to those issues and will make your wheels look new again!

Please note: These are affordable chrome rims and will look great on your Z50 but are not show quality triple plate chrome. If you plan on riding your Z50 and want a brand new chrome rim set, these are definitely the way to go as look great and OEM sets in chrome are not available.  Additionally, you will need 2 sets if replacing both the front and rear rims on your Z50.