TBparts CRF50 Rear Shock Set – Black – Z50 K3-99 Models

Tb Parts

$69.99 USD 

TB Rear Shock Set – Black – Z50 K3-99 Models

This is a quality reproduction rear shock set that will work on all Z50 and Z50R models from 1972 and up (K3-99).  Often, shocks on the old Z50s are in poor condition with rust, pitting, and/or deteriorated paint and restoring them (if possible) can be a timely process.  Additionally, Honda discontinued these shocks so finding a NOS set can be difficult and they will be quite expensive, if found.  We had these shocks made to specifically solve those issues and provide an affordable way of freshening up the appearance and ride on your Z50. This set has the following features:

  • High quality painted black springs
  • Same length as the OEM Honda shocks so ride height will remain exactly the same
  • Same shape and appearance as the OEM Honda shock
  • Top and bottom are painted cloud silver*

*Note* – on some models, the top and bottom were either a different color or not painted