TB Parts - TBW9089 - 114cc Bore Kit - GPX PITSTER YX PIRANHA LIFAN

TB Parts

$169.00 USD 


TB Parts - 114cc High Compression Bore Kit - 86cc - 107cc Engines

Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications.

Key Features:

Lightweight aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve (huge weight savings over your stock cast iron cylinder)

  • Cast in mounts on cylinder for aftermarket skid plates
  • Oversized cooling fins on cylinder for efficient heat dissipation
  • High compression 54mm piston with rings, pin, & clips (replaces your low compression dished or flat top piston)
  • Head gasket kit


  • LIFAN 86-107cc
  • SIKK MX 110
  • XTREME 107 
  • ICON 

This will make a huge difference in performance over your stock setup and is a very quick and easy upgrade. For additional performance, add the 24mm or 26mm carb kit available in this section (both work great with this setup). This kit will work on all 86cc through 107 Chinese engines 

Except models with a 3 valve head.the cylinder stud spacing is different on SDG 107 (SDG SPEED MINI 107) 

Electric start motors may require some mods to cooling fins for clearance 

Kit Includes:

  • TBW0789 - Piston
  • TBW0318 - Gasket set
  • TBW0721 - Cylinder