TBparts Manual KLX110 Clutch Kit – Primary Gear – 2003 to Current models

TB Parts

$66.99 USD 


The Primary Gear is an upgrade/replacement for the Primary KLX110 Clutch Kit Removal Washer (which removes pounds of rotating mass and improves throttle response) that is included in the TB Manual Clutch kit and similar kits. It allows for removal of the entire clutch assembly while removing any chance of slippage possible with the washer – It transfers 100% of your engine power to the clutch and is highly recommend for KLXs/DRZs with huge bores and/or stroker cranks or when racing on pavement.

Note:  This primary gear can also be used with non-TB Hydraulic or cable actuated manual clutch conversion kits (but it wont work with the stock semi auto clutch – must have a manual clutch kit installed)