TBparts Z125 Intake Manifold for Race Heads

TB Parts

$75.99 USD 


TB Intake Manifold Kit – This intake manifold was developed to allow the use of our Race Head V2 on the new Kawasaki Z125.  It may work with other KLX110 style cylinder heads as well but has only been tested on our Race Head V2.  The kit includes the following features:

  • Port matched to the Race Head V2
  • Enlarged 26mm port on throttle body side to work better with bored throttle bodies (also works well with stock throttle body)
  • Includes a port matched heat stop to prevent heat transfer to the intake (cannot run a heat stop with the stock intake manifold and some aftermarket head spacers)
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Includes a heat sensor extension harness so it can be relocated to the tappet or cam cover.

This intake manifold will ensure you will get the most power out of the Race Head V2!