TBparts GROM 125 MSX125 Grom Oil Cooler Kit

TB Parts

$159.99 USD 


TB Grom Oil Cooler Kit

The Oil Cooler Kit is a high quality accessory designed to help the Honda Grom and Monkey 125 (2021 and older models only) horizontal engine run cooler.  Air-cooled engines run hotter when modified (i.e. big bore kits) and/or subjected to heavy loads such as racing use.  This kit will help the engine’s durability and reliability by circulating the engine oil through a cooler reducing the engine’s oil temperature. The kit includes the following:

 Lightweight Morin aluminum 4 row oil cooler (not a 3 row as many others sell).
– AN fittings
– Crimped, braided lines – No hose clamps that could easily come off or leak nor
cheap rubber hoses.
– Mounting Bracket and Hardware

Important Note: This oil cooler must be used with our big bore kit or one that has similar cylinder fittings (Kitaco and possibly others).