StunterX Honda Steel Half Frames


$1,050.00 USD 

This product is available


The StunterX half frame is available for many different model and year bikes. We have them for  the 03/04 636-05/06 636-09-15 ZX6-2013 636,the f4/4fi,the 03-05 R6/R6S, 06-09 R6R and the 04/05-06/07-08/09 GSXR600. We also have them available for various year ZX10 (see separate listing for those as they are priced higher).

$1050 plus shipping with you sending us your stock back half (We may have a stock back half available for an addition cost. Contact us for availability). Powder coating included. With our Kawasaki zx6/636 model half frames a crossbar has been added to box in the entire frame to make it the most ridged and therefor strongest steel frame. This protects the actual engine mounts from braking if a hard pancake style hit happens since this a known problem with the Kawi's . We have also increased the steering radius on our frames to give you the best freestyle feel possible!  We also have full frames available for the 03/04 636 09-2013ZX6/636 and the Honda F4i. All our frames come with VIN's and all the paperwork needed included in the price to put your bike on the road as we are a certified frame building company.