StunterX Honda F4i Full Steel Frame


$1,650.00 USD 


We put a lot of thought into how to upgrade a great stunt bike to an even better one. We  started out by giving the frame a whole new modern day look by using the same type of lines we use with our other frames . We also have the feature of a  bolt on full fairing kit so those that run street fighter will not have tabs or brackets sticking off of the frame to give it a nice, clean look. And we were able to actually build our  full frames to be lighter than the stock frame. As all our frames do they come with StunterX VINS and titles to allow you to put your bike on the street and come powder coated the color of your choice. 

*We only issue one title/MCO per frame so DO NOT LOSE YOUR TITLE!

We will not be able to issue a replacement.*