StunterX 09-18 ZX6/636 Scrape Bar With Built-In Tail Light-(Titanium Puck)


$209.00 USD 



This scrape bar fit’s inside where the stock tail light would go. This is intended to use only with our 09-12 and 13-19 ZX6/636 steel subframes.

Color info: We do powder coat in-house and can powder coat most every color www.prismaticpowders.com has to offer. The single-stage colors are free of charge. If you would like a 2-stage color such as candy, illusion, or a clear coat there will be an additional fee. Please contact us via email or call us at 315-365-3051 for color requests and pricing on the 2 stage colors. If no color request is made the part will come in satin black.

*COLOR DISCLAIMER* Many colors look different from the photos online than they do in person and they may appear different on different screens or monitors. We are not responsible if your expectation of the color you see online is different than what the color looks like in person.*