Renthal RC-1 Sports Brake Pad BP-520-HHP4


$60.95 USD 


This part number is for ONE caliper only.

30.9 x 48.1 x 8.5         

61.9 x 44.7 x 8.5

Sintered Braking Technology

A premium, high performance sintered metal brake pad with excellent wet and dry braking power.

Designed specifically for sportbike applications.

Renthal RC-1 Sport Brake Pads are the choice where maximum stopping power, progressive feel, no brake fade and quick bed in time are important considerations.

• Sintered metal compound eliminates brake fade

• Formulated for quick bed in and immediate response

• High tech ceramic heat shield reduces heat transfer from the pad to the brake fluid

• Inter granular graphite structure prevents brake noise

• Front brake pads use a high performance, HH+ rated compound