On-Point Subframe: Honda

On-Point Performance

$839.99 USD 


This is a purpose built stunt sub frame. Designed to accept a round bar or flat bar, step plate, tail saver, sub cage. There is extensive reinforcement throughout all the critical areas of the sub frame to help prevent it from bending or breaking because of the increased forces put on it by stunt riding. This is not just a replacement of your stock sub frame. Unlike the stock unit, this sub frame is designed to take repeated impacts and stay straight.

Package deal available for: Sub Frame, Sub Cage, and Round or Flat Bar.
Made of 1” steel tubing for ultimate strength the weight savings.

CNC machined mounting tabs for great strength and precision.

All the tabs are in place to attach the stock tail fairing and rear seat

Significant reinforcement to sub cage mounting tabs to remove the need for a cross bar.

Lateral and horizontal bracing eliminate flex and the bike becomes more responsive to rider inputs of weight transfer.

Grade 8 mounting hardware included.

Powder coated gloss black

Easy to install. All the mounting points are identical location to the factory unit and therefore it bolts up just like the factory unit.