On-Point Performance Subcage: Honda

On-Point Performance

$249.00 USD 


This Adjustable Sub Cage links both passenger foot pegs with crossbar providing a stable platform.

When using the stock passenger pegs on your Honda F4i motorcycle for stunt riding it is clear to see there are many issues:

-They are made out of cheap cast aluminum and bend easily on impact.
-Too much flex causes unsecured stance.
-Pegs can easily fold due to the angle of the foot peg mounts.

The On-Point Performance stunt sub cage solves all those issues on your Honda F4i.

-Adjustable Pegs can be rotated from stock location all the way to up to the sub frame. Great for dialing in the perfect stance. This significantly changes the feel of the bike during a wheelie.
-Cross bar ties in both pegs providing solid stance even when jumping from one side to the other.
-Includes detachable foot pegs with grip tape for extra traction. Solid foot pegs remove any fear of them folding during a wheelie.
-Made of 1” x 0.120 wall steel tubing for ultimate strength the weigh savings.
-CNC machined Mounting Brackets for great precision and strength
-Grade 8 mounting hardware included.
-Powder coated gloss black
-Easy to install