On-Point Stunt Cage Kawasaki

On-Point Performance

$449.00 USD 


Known as the “The Frame Saver,” this stunt cage utilizes a CNC Machined Brace that bolts up between the left and right frame/motor-mounts. Specially designed to fit around a radiator cage and secondary fan (for stunt riders using this setup). This Pro Series stunt cage links both sides of the Kawasaki frame together adding a great strength to this area which is prone to cracking upon hard impacts.

Additionally, a shock absorption system is incorporated in the bottom slider which often receives the majority of the impact when the stunt bike goes down. This significantly reduces impact and keeps it off the frame.

Materials: 1.25”, 1” 0.75 by 0.120 wall steel and DOM tubing for ultimate strength and weight savings.

Mounting Points: There are 3 mounting points total. 2 points of the cage mount to the frame. And the 3rd point mounts to the cross bar. This provides a strong bond to the frame and better dissipation of impact forces.

Low Profile: Cage mounts closer to the bike and provides more ground clearance than any other cage in the market.

Sliders: Solid aluminum slider inserts with high strength composite slider ends which are strong enough to withstand repeated hard impacts without bending or breaking, unlike competitors’ delrin sliders.

Research and development: Extensive R&D went into the cage dimensions and spring rate to find optimal protection and shock absorption.

CNC machined: All tabs and tubing washers are CNC machined for extreme
precision and strength.

Hardware: Grade 8 mounting hardware included.

Finish: Powder coated glossy black or white (custom colors are available for additional cost; please inquire).

Rider Clearance: Stays clear of banging your shins. Easy to install and remove for motorcycle maintenance. Detailed instructions included