On-Point Stunt Cage Honda

On-Point Performance

$449.00 USD 


A revolution in stunt cage technology. Utilizing a shock absorption system, this motorcycle stunt crash cage provides the ultimate in protection while maintaining a lightweight, streamlined design. Extensive thought went into designing a stunt cage that protects the frame, tank, handle bars, and fairings.

Materials: 1.25”, 1” 0.75 by 0.120 wall steel and DOM tubing for ultimate strength and weight savings.

Mounting Points: There are 3 mounting points total. 2 points of the cage mount to the frame. And the 3rd point mounts to the cross bar. This provides a strong bond to the frame and better dissipation of impact forces.

Low Profile: Cage mounts closer to the bike and provides more ground clearance than any other cage in the market.

Sliders: Solid aluminum slider inserts with high strength composite slider ends which are strong enough to withstand repeated hard impacts without bending or breaking, unlike competitors’ delrin sliders.

Research and development: Extensive R&D went into the cage dimensions and spring rate to find optimal protection and shock absorption.

CNC machined: All tabs and tubing washers are CNC machined for extreme
precision and strength.

Hardware: Grade 8 mounting hardware included.

Finish: Powder coated glossy black or white (custom colors are available for additional cost; please inquire).

Rider Clearance: Stays clear of banging your shins. Easy to install and remove for motorcycle maintenance. Detailed instructions included