On-Point Performance 2022 Honda Grom Sub Cage w/ Titanium Scrape Bar

On-Point Performance

$399.99 USD 




Introducing the new 2022 Honda Grom Sub Cage with Adjustable Stunt Pegs and Titanium Scrape Bar 

Months of testing and development, along with years of experience building the highest quality stunt products for big bikes, has lead us to making the ultimate Grom Sub Cage/ Titanium Scrape Bar. The On Point Performance Honda Grom Sub Cage was designed to be as light as possible while still providing the exceptional performance and protection we are known for 


Adjustable Positions: The foot pegs can be rotated from stock location all the way to up to level with the sub frame. This is especially useful for dialing in the perfect stance on a smaller bike. This significantly changes the feel/ balance point of the bike during a wheelie

Titanium Scrape Bar: Our Grom sub cage includes a titanium scrape bar for extra bright sparks while scraping. When the titanium is worn out, you just replace the block instead of the whole unit!

TIG Welded: All of our cages are TIG welded at our facility in Downtown Los Angeles for ultimate strength

CNC machined: All mounting plates and tube washers are CNC machined out of steel for maximum precision so the fitment is perfect every time

Protection: Our cage provides protection to the rear of the bike and takes roll geometry into account to help prevent the bike from rolling over onto its tank. When combined with the right handle bars (we use ProTaper) it removes the need for a frame cage for most situations

Built in Step Plate: In addition to our stunt pegs, we built in a rear step plate to our titanium scrape bars to allow you to position yourself even further back on the bike

Oversized Solid Foot Pegs:  Solid pegs create a very stable platform and remove any concerns of them folding. Made from a composite sourced from a German auto manufacturer, our pegs are strong enough to withstand repeated hard impacts without breaking or catching on surfaces unlike Delrin

Hardware: Heavy Duty Class 12.9 mounting hardware included

Finish: Powder coated gloss black

Easy to Install: Detailed instructions with pictures included




Optional Plug & Play Tail Light

Designed to bolt-on to On Point sub cages and plug right into the OEM harness, our Honda Grom LED Brake Light installs in minutes and there’s no wiring necessary