On-Point 2003- 2004 Kawasaki ZX6R/ 636 Dual Fan Radiator Cage

On-Point Performance

$229.99 USD 


Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

The radiator on the Ninja ZX6R/ 636 was not designed to take the abuse of stunt riding and is destined to fail if left unaddressed. The repeated dropping of the front wheel when coming down from a wheelie and the hard side impacts from crashing cause the fragile radiator mounts to break off and possibility split the fins causing a leak. To make things worse, stunt riders rev the bike at high rpms while moving at relatively low speeds which causes the bike to overheat


The On-Point Performance Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R / 636 stunt radiator cage solves all those issues:

  • Increased Cooling– Our radiator cages come with a fan bracket that allows you to add a second cooling fan which will help prevent the bike from overheating. You can also replace the OEM fan and run dual R6 fans if you choose. Compatible with Panasonic Part #: SSW9810L, SSW9809L (Used on 06-14 Yamaha R6)
  • Reinforced Radiator Mounts- Even if your radiator has no mounting tabs, this cage will allow it to bolt up
  • Complete protection- All vulnerable points of the radiator are protected, including the front face with our optional debris guard


** Please note, our radiator cages are designed to fit the OEM radiator perfectly and are built to tight tolerances so most non OEM radiators (which usually vary slightly in shape or size) will not be compatible. We highly recommend using OEM parts with our radiator cage **