Magura HC3 Radial 18mm Brake M/C


$599.15 USD 


MAGURA HC³. Purely a cosmetic item and the dream part for many high end freaks.

Magura Radial pump milled from solid metal for a brilliant feeling during braking and shifting. A pure pro tool for super bikes, supermotos and the street, impressively combining ergonomics and metering.

Fully Adjustable between 18 x 17/18/19 size for leverage.

Space saving, technically perfect design offers clear advantages:

  • Optimized lever transmission
  • direct pressure point full pressure, high senstivity braking and shifting
  • available with long and short sports levers

The HC³ is the first choice for racing and tuning pros.

The next generation of radial master cylinders from MAGURA improves your brake and clutch control and closes the gap between amateur and professional riders.

Incorporating the patented hard core technology from MAGURA the rider benefits from reduced internal friction in the master cylinder. This improves the feel at the lever on any hydraulic braking system and the technology is fully approved for all current motorcycle ABS systems. Machined from high grade aluminium alloy the HC³ is the perfect addition to your motorcycle.


  • Machined aluminium body – this master cylinder body has been produced from high grade aluminium alloy to ensure a lightweight design combined with maximum stiffness which has been built to last.
  • 90° Full Radial Design – Pushrod and cylinder at right angle to handlebar results in decreased friction and more direct brake feeling for improved control.
  • MAGURA Hard Core Technology (HCT) – The fully patented braking technology from MAGURA reduces the internal friction within the master cylinder to improve the feeling at the lever. The slotted piston technology reproduces a multi primary port master to ensure faster pressure balance in the event of an “ABS Kickback”.
  • Full ABS Compatibility – MAGURA “HCT” is approved for continuous use with all ABS systems without loss of performance due to pressure compensation (ABS Kickback).
  • 3 Way Lever Ratio– The hand activated master cylinder lever has a clever 3 way adjustable point of support. This mimics the effect of using a piston size 1 mm below and above the selected hydraulic ratio. Simply remove and reposition the lever support retaining bolt for a softer or harder pressure point.
  • Folding Lever Blade – Reduces the force exerted on the master cylinder body in the event of a fall over. This will increase the possibility to continue riding following a fall over incident.
  • Advanced Secondary Seal Technology – The rear piston seal has been specially designed to prevent the introduction of air through secondary seal ingress. The advanced X-Ring seal design will reduce or eliminate this problem common on racing motorcycles at higher RPM.

Reservoir Mount – The master cylinder is supplied with an external reservoir and mounting bracket designed to use minimum space and with smoked glass to optically determine the level and condition of the brake fluid at all times.

Titanium Retaining Bolts – The clamp and retaining bolts are high grade titanium saving weight while remaining strong and durable.