Lightech Kawasaki Framesliders


$143.30 USD 


In an innovative step in reducing crash damage, LighTech introduced frame sliders with rubber shock absorbers. By combining a Magnesium base plate with a soft rubber center and an external puck made of nylon mixed with fiberglass, LighTech frame sliders have excellent sliding capabilities while cushioning the blow upon impact. Magnesium also reacts better to shock, unlike standard run long delrin or aluminum pucks which transfer the shock from crash directly to mounting point. Magnesium is softer than aluminum or delrin which offers much better protection to the bike as it will absorb the impact of a crash.

All mounting brackets are made from billet aluminum on LighTech sliders. The external puck in nylon mixed with fiberglass offers the best resistance in the event of a crash. LighTech’s innovative design has taken frame sliders technology to a new generation, giving motorcyclists unprecedented protection against crash damage. LighTech frame sliders are extensively used in World Superbike, World Supersport as well as all European Championships, tested by professionals worldwide. Style and function is our goal.