Impaktech Z125 Subcage/12 Bar


$399.00 USD 


Impaktech Kawasaki Z125 12 Bar / Sub cage
Impaktech is proud to introduce our Kawasaki Z125 12 Bar/Sub cage fitting ALL YEAR Z125. (Up to 2020)
Our Subcage design protects your bike in an event of impact just like our world-famous Impaktech Steel sub cages due to the extended peg design.

. Designed and Manufactured in Riverside CA.
. Constructed from CNC High Strength Billet Aluminum
. CNC Billet Peg (#4 pegs in total)
. Extra Grippy Peg that will not lose grip with use.
. Replaceable end puck that has the same grip designed as the peg; this ensures you have maximum grip. This eliminates grip tape like our competitors use.
. Adjustable Foot Peg positions for each rider liking. Once you lock in the peg to your desired position, they will not fold up.
. Extremely strong and durable and has been tested to withstand serious abuse.
. Replaceable Scrap Bar

Comes with all necessary hardware