Stunt Sprockets Harley Rear Sprockets


$80.00 USD 


All ProSeries Sprockets are Made in the USA from the harder grade 7075-T6 certified aero space industry aluminum for long life and light weight. They are machined to exact specs with tolerances much more stringent than other aluminum sprockets and many times tighter than OE sprockets. What this means is that your chain will fit the sprocket better and everything will last longer. Additionally, they are chemically etched to give them a uniform, even finish. This process also provides corrosion resistance.

* No color options are available at this time.

Important Notes- 

-We recommend a new chain with a new sprocket. All existing chains should be checked for wear (stretched, binding, tight spots, etc.) before new sprockets are installed. Installing new sprockets on a worn chain will significantly reduce the sprocket life and can cause serious damage. 

-The chain tension on all modern sport bikes should be maintained with a minimum of 2" of top-to-bottom travel to accommodate full suspension movement and prevent premature chain stretching and sprocket wear.

Circle Hole Design or Solid Design (with no holes) generally ship in 1-3 days    

- Custom Designs usually ship in 1-2 weeks.


Use the chart to match the front and rear sprocket spacing needed for your model and year.


- Popular Size Combinations:

  • 25/50, 25/55 - More pull than stock, little loss of top speed
  • 24/55, 25/60 - Street/Lot all around increase in torque
  • 25/65 - Full stunt/lot set up. 80mph you are at 3-4K RPM, Max speed ~100

One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to create more torque is by changing the gearing. The newer Dyna's that come with 6 speed transmissions are geared high and can feel like the bike is hindered on the freeway even at higher speeds. Any time you increase the sprocket size, you will gain more torque and loose some top end MPH, but speeds of over 100 mph can still be achieved, just at higher RPM.