Grombeardo Yuminashi Modded Oil Pump - 2022+ Honda Grom & Monkey 5-Speed


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'22+ Yuminashi BeardoPumps are new Yuminashi high flow oil pumps with the pickup location modified to be fully immersed in oil whether your on the kick stand warming up the bike or pulling a wheelie down dem skreetz, son!

From Yuminashi website: "The new 2022 YUMINASHI 50% UP HYPER OIL PUMP is with a 15mm thick rotor and a 50% higher flow compared to stock "

Fits '22 and newer 5-speed Grom and Monkey.

**Oil Flow Disclaimer**- The 2022 engine's oil flow is different than previous model and has a flaw with relation to modified stock pumps and stunting. At BP there is enough oil flow, no worries there. If you are on your 12bar the stock pump can only supply oil for a certain amount of time, then it starves for oil. Again, this is only if you're on the 12bar "Straight Up" so to say. I'm not shying away from this issue and want you to be aware of the current limitations. So, no long ass rev limiter coaster scrapes or any of that knarly shit that I hope to learn one day. I worked closely with someone to compare pumps by testing on the streets and we both agreed that GromPumps have the best flow and are currently the best option. If you have any questions, please let me know! I have zero interest in selling you something that is not going to perform up to the standards you need and expect. We do not know yet whether these high flow pumps will solve the issue or not.**

Pumps are 100% COMPLETE, no stealing old used parts from your current pump! NEW and modified by me. Your pump is aluminum, your case is aluminum, your pickup tube should be aluminum as well! BeardoPumps use a 5/16" aluminum tube which is very close to the ID of the oil pathways in the stock pump. Using a smaller 1/4" copper tube just restricts the flow to the pump. Copper 1/4" tube is easy to get and cheap. The cheap way is usually not the best way. I don't cheap out on my people. You deserve a better product that's going to work as good or in the case of wheelies, better than the OEM system with respect to oil flow and pickup.

New pickup tube is brazed in place with AL rod and sealed to ensure no air leaks at the pump! No JB Weld in BeardoPumps! Comes pre-primed with light assembly grease.