Brembo RCS 14 Radial Brake Master Cylinder Folding Lever

Brembo Racing

$280.00 USD 


The brand new 14 RCS master cylinder from Brembo allows riders to choose between heavy or gradual braking depending on road conditions and weather, personal taste and the overall feeling of the motorcycle.

The 14 RCS, with a 14 mm diameter floating piston can be used on most single disc braking systems with 2-pistons fixed or floating calipers.

The RCS system (Ratio Click System) is the pioneering adjustment that enables the rider to achieve his ideal riding style.

However, the configuration can be changed in a matter of seconds by setting the ratio distance between values of “18” or “20” by simply turning the regulator on the front face of the steering arm 180 degrees with a screwdriver. .


State-of-the-art technology for racing performance.
Brembo offers a wide range of radial master cylinders and adjustable levers to replace and enhance the original system. Brembo High Performance master cylinders are manufactured with state of the art processes to ensure outstanding function and performance. Derived directly from motorsports, Brembo master cylinders are available as “Radial” and “Radial RCS” variants, which are easily installed on the most popular Japanese and European hypersports models.


Item Summary

  • Adjustable 18/20
  • Forged body
  • For major sport bikes
  • Reservoir Mounting Kit Required

About the Product

  • Adjustable ratio 18/20;
  • Forged body
  • For major sport bikes;
  • Standard folding lever;
  • Usable with Brembo P2.34 / P2.32 calipers with mono disc;
  • Lead time: Middle February 2014
  • Reservoir Mounting Kit Required