Gamo Raptor Whisper 177cal


$128.99 USD 

The Gamo Raptor was carefully designed to provide the shooter with a solid rifle for years of shooting success. The Whisper silencing technology reduces up to 52% of sound so you won't scare away surrounding prey. When you get on target you will notice the Smooth Action Trigger allows you to break a clean shot with a specially designed 2nd stage that is as it says in the name, smooth. The rifled steel barrel provides great accuracy as your pellet blazes down range. The ergonomic all-weather stock is great for shooting, no matter the conditions and because it is hard to put this gun down once you shoot it, the Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad dampens the shock giving you all day shooting comfort.

• Whisper silencing technology
• Fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel barrel
• All-weather, non-slip textured stock
• SAT (Smooth Action Trigger)
• SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) recoil pad
• IGT gas piston
• 4x32 scope

Finish: Matte
Capacity: 1
Weight: 5.18 Pounds
Overall Length: 45.6 Inches
Barrel Length: 20.5 Inches
Barrel Type: Rifled Bore
Warranty: 1 Year Factory Warranty
Airgun Caliber: 177 Caliber
Action Type: Break Barrel
Stock Type: Ambidextrous
Power Source: Gas Piston
Trigger Type: Two Stage Adjustable
Ammunition: Pellet
Maximum Muzzle Velocity: 1300 Feet Per Second
Safety: Manual
Stock Color and Material: Black Synthetic
Scope: 4x32mm
Cocking Effort: 32 Pounds