Benjamin Armada 177cal Bolt Action Hybrid PCP


$996.99 USD 

The Armada is built in America and is ideal for target shooting and hunting medium sized game. It includes a multi-shot magazine, full suppression and a crisp breaking trigger. The receiver features a machined picatinny rail and the bolt is reversible for left-handed shooters. An on-board gauge for monitoring air pressure and a crisp two-stage trigger make this a worthy addition to your gun collection.

• Modular, versatile design
• Backwards compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 grips and stocks
• Machined receiver featuring 5 inches of Picatinny rail space
• Delivers over 30 consistent shots per fill (up to 16 in .25 cal)
• Bolt action is reversible
• Integrated resonance dampener
• 10-round magazine delivers fast follow up shots (8-rd magazine in .25 cal)
• Rifled barrel, choked and shrouded

caliber: .177
power-plant: PCP
action: Bolt Action
barrel material: Steel
barrel type: Rifled/Shrouded/Choked
color: Black
stock style filter: Tactical
front sight: None
rear sight: None
activities: Target Shooting,Pest Control,Small Game Hunting,Varmint Hunting
magazine type: 10 Round Rotary
mounting rail: Picatinny
noise suppression: Yes
trigger: Two Stage
stock style: M4 Telescopic
stock material: Synthetic
shots per fill: 30
scopeable: Yes
safety style: Lever