Xtreem Bikeworks Yamaha Sub Cages

Xtreem Bikeworks

$299.00 USD 

Our SubCages are made from only the best USA steel and designed for you, the rider. We have the strongest products in the industry. Whether you are 40 pounds or 400 pounds; Stand on them, jump on them, or stunt on them, they will not bend!
Our SubCages help protect your bike and strengthen your sub frame. If you do lay your bike down the foot pegs are replaceable, and available in many different colors.
All of our SubCages are easy to install and most use your stock bolts.
As with all Xtreem products, our SubCages are “BUILT FOR BATTLE”
*SubCages include all necessary hardware for installation, and a set of billet aluminum foot pegs. If you prefer a color other than billet, please specify the color you would like in the comments section. Foot pegs are available in any of the color options listed for the SubCages.*