Two Brothers M5 Exhaust System Kawasaki ZX-6R 2007-2008

Two Brothers Racing

$1,164.98 USD 


Two Brothers M-5 Exhaust System Kawasaki ZX6R

This system completely replaces your existing exhaust system. This not only adds horsepower, but also can drop significant weight from your bike. Two Brothers' builds their header systems as a complete unit. 

Their finished system flows better at the collectors, makes more power and does not vibrate on the bike. 

TBR's superbike stainless steel headers are manufactured from .035" thin wall stainless steel. They then polish them to a satin finish. The ductile quality of stainless steel makes it possible to produce extremely light and strong headers. TBR uses only premium #304 stainless which will never rust and after a few heat cycles will turn a golden amber color which is the characteristic signature of high quality stainless steel. This type of canister can be mounted in the original position or in a “high” mounted position depending on the bike.

NOTE: Includes fender eliminator kit and turn signals. Please check local laws before purchasing. Some modifications may be prohibited in some states.