StunterX Kawasaki Full Steel Frames


$1,500.00 USD 

The StunterX full steel frame is here! The Kawasaki frames are equipped with the same cross bar as our half frame to reinforce the frame to prevent engine mounts from braking from hard pancake style hits. Another feature our Kawasaki  full frame has is the it splits to make engine swaps easier and we can also brake it down to fit into a smaller shipping box to help save our customers on shipping cost..... even more so for our international customers. Our frames as always, come powder coat which we do in house and is one of the reasons why we have such a fast turn around time on all our stunt parts. You choose any color you want and once you receive your frame you're ready for your build! With a very affordable price of $1500 this will be the last frame you will ever need to purchase. All our frame come with VIN's and the paperwork needed to put your build on the road.