Sick Innovations Side Mount Clip Ons Suzuki

Sick Innovations

$179.99 USD 


Sick Innovations clip ons feature a 1in. rise and an optional zero or seven degree sweep. The 1in rise allows you to run the clip ons below the triple clamp and have the same rise as if they were ran on top. These clip ons allow you to run an upper with little to no trimming needed. Another benefit of these is you do not have to lower the front of your bike to achieve the rise. Or you can run them on top to achieve a higher rise closer to the feel of dirtbike bars. 7/8 x 1/8 wall bar tubes are included.

RGV250 50mm GSF400/600 Bandit 41mm GSXF600/750/1100 Katana 41mm RF600/900 94-96 43mm GSXR600 92-93 50mm GSXR600 94-96 50mm GSXR600 04-08 50mm SV650 99-09 41mm GSXR750/1100 86-87 41mm GSXR750/1100 88-90 43mm GSXR750 93-06 50mm GSXR1000 01-08 50mm TL1000R 50mm GSXR1100 95-98 50mm GSF1200 Bandit 97-0 43mm GSXR1300 All 50mm


If you do not know what size fork tubes your motorcycle has, please click HERE.