Sick Innovation ZX6R/636 Dual Slider Crash Cage

Sick Innovations

$435.48 USD 


Our New dual slider cage features two sliders per side and 2 cross tubes that connect the two sides of the crash cage together making it extremely stout. Both sliders contact the ground at the the same time spreading the load over more contact points than a single slider cage. The cage is made from .125 wall DOM tubing and is also much tighter to the bike than our single slider cage giving it a much cleaner look. This design has been crash tested prior to going into production. All hardware needed is included as well as white sliders. Black or aluminum sliders are extra. Please note that the fairings will have to be notched in order to install a crash cage.

*****PLEASE NOTE****

With the dual slider cage being much tighter to the bike and the main contact point being the sliders, We highly recommend always keeping a set of sliders on the cage in order to give ample ground clearance. Without the sliders, the left side engine cover will be very close to the ground.