Perfect Stranger Fully Adjustable Subcage

Perfect Stranger

$455.00 USD 


Perfect Stranger Designs Fully Adjustable Subcage with Footplate

How does it adjust?
1st: The side plates adjust 1inch front to back on the base plate.
2nd: the arms pivot 360degrees for any riders height or need. option: You can remove the arms and just run the pegs.
Other features:
The 2 inch thick full delrin pegs that take most any impact thrown at them. Foot plate features grip for your foot on one side and on the other steel pucks that bolt from the inside to keep most of the wear away from the beautiful aluminum foot plate. Also it wraps around side plates to prevent any scrapes on the side plates.All edges of everything are rounded to keep you safe if your ever tangled into the bike or smack your self on it.Full stainless steel hardware. Center brace to help on the side to side crashes.