On-Point Stunt Cage 2: 03-04 Kawasaki 636

On-Point Performance

$399.00 USD 


“The Frame Saver.” This cage utilizes a CNC Machined Brace that bolts up between the left and right frame/motor-mounts. Special designed to fit around a radiator cage and secondary fan, if a rider was using this setup. It links both sides of the frame together adding a great deal of strength to this area which is prone to cracking upon hard impacts.

The shock absorption system is incorporated in the bottom slider which received the majority of the impact when the bike goes down. It is significantly absorbed and kept off the frame.

The rear section of the cage incorporates 2 mounting locations of the cage to the frame. This adds significant strength and distributes impact forces on a wider surface area and reducing the force on the frame.

The bottom slider is precisely angled to meet the ground flush so that the slider can freely compress the shock absorber. The top slider has the same angle to catch the bike and prevent it from rolling up. Another advantage is that the sliders wear evening and last much longer than other cages which make contact with the corner of the slider causing them quickly wearing away.

It is simply one of the lightest, strongest, most protective cages available.

Made of 1.20” wall 1.25” DOM tubing with 1.20” wall 0.75” DOM crossbars for ultimate strength and weight savings.
Sliders are made of 6061 aluminum with high strength Nylon ends (far stronger then typically used Delrin which explodes on high impact). They are strong enough to withstand repeated hard impacts without bending or breaking, yet they provide the lubricity necessary to prevent catching the pavement and therefore flipping the bike.
Grade 8 mounting hardware included
Powder coated gloss black
Extensive R&D went into producing the proper density microcellular polymer to achieve optimal shock absorption.
Every tube is triangulated and heavily braced to provide the ultimate strength while staying lightweight.
Stays clear of bangin