On-Point Stunt Cage 1: 01-03 Honda F4i

On-Point Performance

$325.00 USD 

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This cage is exactly the same as the Stage 2 minus the cantilever shock absorption system. All brackets are in place for the cantilever shock absorption system to need added at a later time if desired. Utilizing a boxed plating design used in off-road trophy trucks, this cage provides the ultimate in protection while maintaining a lightweight streamline design. Extensive thought went into designing a cage that protects the frame, tank, handle bars, and fairings, while not impeding the nimbleness and aggressive leaning of the bike during drifting.

Made of 1/8” 4130 aircraft quality chromoly plating and chromoly tubing cross-bar for ultimate strength and weight savings.
CNC machined for extreme precision.
Solid aluminum sliders which are strong enough to withstand repeated hard impacts without bending or breaking, unlike competitors plastic sliders, yet provide the give necessary to prevent catching the pavement and therefore flipping the bike.
Plated/Boxed design with inner braces provides the ultimate strength while staying lightweight. Tubing is great, but cannot compare with this fabrication technique which is utilized in trophy truck control arms and trailing arms which take repeated high impact abuse.
Stays clear of banging your shins.
Easy to install and remove for bike maintenance.