New Breed Yamaha R6 Crash Cages 2006-2015

New Breed

$349.99 USD 

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Looking for the ultimate amount of protection for your motorcycle? Look no further, New Breed Stunt Parts is the leader in providing durable long lasting crash cages and subcages that are not only efficient in the incident of a crash but also the most lightweight protection in the industry leaving your motorcycle feeling as nimble as it did without a crash cage!

New Breed Stunt Parts was establish by stunt riders FOR stunt riders, lean angle capabilities is an important aspect to all riders! To us it plays a major roll in the discipline of motorcycle drifting, as wll as the performance of when road racers drag knee. We also offer ample leg room for full comfort while riding, so no banging up your shins til they're black and blue. We off a lifetime warranty on all our welds, as well as bolt on applications for Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki. All our products are made ONLY IN THE USA!