Impaktech Harley 39MM Triple Clamps


$568.33 USD 


These triple clamps will fit any Dyna, FXR, and Sportster with 39mm forks. Please check with your local dealer to ensure what size forks you have. Fits most stock handlebar riser bushings. These triple clamps are designed to be used with yourstock neck bolts, washers and head light mount bolts.


These are heavy duty 39mm triple clamps and also includes the neck tube. The upper and lower triple clamp are billet and made out of 6061 Aluminum. The neck tube is machined from solid high strength impact resistant 4340 alloy steel.


Parts included in full set:

-3/8-16 zink plated alloy steel socket head screw, 1-3/8 long (8)

-1/4-20 18-8 Stainless steel low profile socket head 1/2 long (2)

-3/8-16 Zink plated alloy steel socket head screw 1-1/4 long (2)

-Neck Tube (1)

-Upper triple Clamp (1)

-Lower triple Clamp (1)