HoHey Designs Kawasaki ZX6R 636 Triple Clamp

HoHey Designs

$235.00 USD 



Price comparisons OEM from a dealer $185.00 plus tax. $50.00 more you get unmatched quality and possibilities.Ours are heavy duty and dual purpose so you choose. Just a few things we considered when making ours.

*Includes spacer needed to install*

1. You can use your oem ignition lock and lock your handlebars to the left and right. 2. We installed stainless steel helicoils in the pinch bolt locations for extended life off the threads so no stripping them out after periodic fork maintenance. 3. If running clipons you can still use a GPR or Scotts no problem! 4. If you haven't noticed Vortex clip-ons are very popular among us stunters and before to use them you needed to lower your front-end if running them on top of your triple (not the case anymore!) No more worrying about your fender smashing into your radiator. (Note each triple will come with "2" aluminum machined plugs to fill the riser bolt hole locations when not using risers) 5. Running dirt bike bars not a problem! We designed our triple to go perfectly with TAG METAL risers no need to stack washers anymore these bad boys fit perfect!. (We will be selling Tag Metal products soon!) 6.The biggest benefit is dual usage!!! Yeah you can go from clipons to dirt bike bars without messing with another triple ours will do the trick! **We have not yet fit our triple on a full fairing bike.

Our triples are to be used   with  "ONLY" Tag Metal risers.