Rear Handbrake Amputee Riders Kit

Tactical Mindz

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Footbrake bypass kits will not include the rear master cylinder junction valve, they will include a longer brake line to run directly to the rear caliper.

This is a Professional Lever Rear Hand Brake.
Our kit contains everything you need to gain control of the rear brake with a left handed lever while maintaining all the function of your foot pedal and rear caliper. Unlike Thumb-operated rear brake systems, that typically offer about 25% braking force, our system is able to deliver approx. 90% of pedal-operated braking force.

We use a high quality Brembo master cylinder (not an off-brand, upside-down-mounted, master cylinder off who knows what bike). This means you are already starting with the best - no 'upgrading' required.

You also get the best braided brake lines made - HEL.
Your HEL line is made in the USA with a Teflon inner hose wrapped in braided stainless steel, covered with a durable PVC coating, and permanently swagged stainless steel fittings. All kits come with Stainless Steel banjo bolts and new crush washers. All HEL lines come with a transferable Lifetime Warranty. If you don't get a Lifetime Warranty on a brake line you shouldn't purchase it.

All you'll need is brake fluid.

Quad, Dirtbike, and Supermoto applications also avaialble.

Also available- Dominator Pro Clutch Cap and Easy-pull Clutch Mechanism.

- The Dominator Pro Clutch Cap installs on the top of the Hand Brake master cylinder and eliminates the stock, clutch perch and lever. This brings your levers closer together and allows for greater adjustability. *Available for cable actuated clutches only.

- The Easy-pull mechanism is a universal fit and can be used with or without the Shorty Clutch Cap. *Also available for cable actuated clutches only.

Footbrake Bypass Basic Kit Includes:
Brembo Left Handed Master Cylinder/Reservoir 10.4670.14
HEL 80" Stainless Steel Brake Line (*Color of your choice)
Stainless Steel Banjo Bolts
Copper Crush Washers

Footbrake Bypass Pro Kit:
Brembo Left Handed Master Cylinder/Reservoir 10.4670.14
Dominator Clutch Cap
HEL 80" Stainless Steel Brake Line (*Color of your choice)
Stainless Steel Banjo Bolts
Copper Crush Washers

*This is a true left handed brake master cylinder with enclosed brake reservoir- not one that is turned upside down. This system does not require any additional brake caliper be welded on or otherwise added.

*2003-2005 R6 and 2004-2006 R1 models require a stock foot master cylinder from an earlier model. On junction valve kits

*2007 and newer model R1 require a bracket/relocation tab to be fabricated for proper fit. On junction valve kits