Big Rotor Adapter - Honda Front Left Caliper

HoHey Designs

$59.99 USD 



A few good reasons to consider getting one of our Big Rotor Kits.
1. No brake pad trimming required for 4 piston applications
2. Greater heat dissipation throughout braking system (longer brake fluid life)
3. Added braking power
4. More consistency in braking performance under all conditions
5. Going with the name you can trust for all of your hand braking needs (HHD)

Caliper Compatibility
**HHD Big Rotor Required** **HHD Dual Caliper Bracket Required**
All Honda F4,F4i,929,954 and 03-04 600RR’s (Clutch lever side of bike front-end)

**For use with a Honda NISSAN Front Left Caliper**