HoHey 250mm Cryogenic Big Rotor

HoHey Designs

$155.00 USD 



Note when running any of our Big Rotor kits you will not be required to
trim your four piston brake pads.

Big Rotor: This unique one of a kind cross hole slotted designed rotor is
laser cut , heat treated,  parallel double disc grounded and for added
durability CRYOGENIC processed.

Why A Bigger rotor?
How does all this apply to bigger brake rotors - a common sports car
upgrade? Sports cars and race bikes typically have much bigger discs or
rotors than your average family car. A bigger rotor has more material in
it so it can absorb more heat. More material also means a larger surface
area for the pads to generate friction with, and better heat dissipation.
Larger rotors also put the point of contact with the pads further away
from the axle of rotation. This provides a larger mechanical advantage to
resist the turning of the rotor itself. To best illustrate how this works,
imagine a spinning steel disc on an axle in front of you. If you clamped
your thumbs either side of the disc close to the middle, your thumbs would
heat up very quickly and you'd need to push pretty hard to generate the
friction required to slow the disc down. Now imagine doing the same thing
but clamping your thumbs together close to the outer rim of the disc. The
disc will stop spinning much more quickly and your thumbs won't get as
hot. That, in a nutshell explains the whole principle behind why bigger
rotors = better stopping power.